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Who is Polar Technology?

Polar Technology is

Who is Polar Technology?

Refrigerant Autority

Polar Technology provides SF6 life cycle management solutions to companies and individuals who are either owners of SF6 containing assets or who are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the SF6 containing Assets.

Polar Technology’s deliverable is in managing the ecological impact of SF6 used for keeping our electrical grid reliable and safe. In doing so, Polar Technology saves its customers money by controlling and protecting the integrity of the entire system and recovery processes. This allows operating systems to run at maximizing efficiency while having minimal environmental effects through the effective deployment of strategically designed and developed products and services.

Polar Technology has managed SF6 gas for over 17 years. Through development of proprietary processes, Polar Technology has become a global leader in the recovery, recycling, testing, and tracking of SF6 gas.

Polar Technology is also a leading handler of refrigerants. For more information visit: www.refrigerantauthority.com